Between baroque painting and riotous mosh pits, the Dior Homme winter 2017-18 collection has gone underground. Artistic director Kris Van Assche has collaborated with Dan Witz, the street artist with an ultra-realistic style. The Chicago born artist is well known for his series of oil paintings entitled Mosh Pit, that are similar to the work of French painter Guillaume Bresson. The street artist’s work draws inspiration from scenes by Poussin and Caravaggio which he imbues with a rock and hip-hop culture, the anarchy of concert halls is transformed into scenes of jubilation with chaotic choreography bordering on orgiastic. A raw energy has inspired this collection with its hardior spirit. Visuals sprawl over suits, jackets, trousers, coats, capes as well as accessories like the backpacks, sneakers and even skateboards.