17 March

Must-have of the week, the bewitching plant-based duo by Delbôve


Zoom in on the Crème Sorcière and the Eau Sorcière, two rebalancing skincare products that form the key routine of the little Belgian brand.

By Laurence Hovart

  • The Sorcière Ritual is the exclusive basis of all of treatments at the house of Delbôve in Brussels. The Crème Sorcière emulsion and the distillation of medicinal plants that makes up the Eau Sorcière combine to create a cleansing, detoxifying, hydrating and smoothing effect. Based on predominantly organic plant extracts, selected with the utmost care and always paraben and mineral oil free, these products achieve a perfect state of balance. Apply morning and night for skin that becomes increasingly clear and radiant, not to mention smoother.


    “Crème Sorcière, Crème et Émulsion Equilibrante” and “Eau Sorcière, Distillat Régénérant et Équilibrant”, DELBÔVE. 46 euros and 32 euros, 50 ml each.

    Available in the Brussels store or on www.delbove-cosmetics.com