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21 pairs of eccentric sunglasses for the summer


Far from the elegant, yet classic, black sunglasses, here are 21 eccentric designs, from tinted lenses and iridescent effects to heart shapes and flashy colors.

  • Gucci

    Gucci Gucci
  • Saint Laurent

    Saint Laurent Saint Laurent
  • Etnia Barcelona x Ignasi Monreal

    Etnia Barcelona  x Ignasi Monreal Etnia Barcelona  x Ignasi Monreal
  • Balenciaga

    Balenciaga Balenciaga
  • Versace

    Versace Versace
  • Swarovski

    Swarovski Swarovski
  • Miu Miu

    Miu Miu Miu Miu
  • Loewe

    Loewe Loewe
  • Fendi

    Fendi Fendi
  • Bottega Veneta

    Bottega Veneta Bottega Veneta
  • Levi's

    Levi's Levi's
  • Alaïa

    Alaïa Alaïa
  • Chloé

    Chloé Chloé
  • Dior

    Dior Dior
  • Emporio Armani

    Emporio Armani Emporio Armani
  • Givenchy

    Givenchy Givenchy
  • Hugo Boss

    Hugo Boss Hugo Boss
  • Isabel Marant

    Isabel Marant Isabel Marant
  • Jimmy Choo

    Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo
  • Pomellato

    Pomellato Pomellato
  • Salvatore Ferragamo

    Salvatore Ferragamo Salvatore Ferragamo


If eyewear labels and luxury houses foster their creativity to imagine more eccentric designs each summer, the 2022 vintage is a complete success. Alongside Gucci, who imagines an imposing mask-shaped model with yellow and purple lenses decorated with its logo, Saint Laurent dares to bring out the heart-shaped sunglasses worn by Sue Lyon in Stanley Kubrick’s infamous Lolita. For their second collaboration, Spanish eyewear label Etnia and the young painter and digital artist Ignasi Monreal offer designs with obvious surrealist accents, with their eyes painted on the temples. Used to sci-fi creations, Balenciaga transforms the famous cat-eye model into an appealing cyber accessory, while Versace easily convinces us with its Medusa-shaped frames. Of course, Swarovski tries the maximalist rhinestone model, while Miu Miu unleashes a wise square metal design. For Loewe, Jonathan Anderson turns sunglasses into flowers, while Fendi, Levi’s, and Dior make us see life through technicolor glasses. You cannot not want a pair of Bottega Veneta, declined in their emblematic green color palette. Chloé, Jimmy Choo, Pomellato, and Alaia opt for the 70s elegance with big round models, Isabel Marant offers colorful pilots, and Hugo Boss and Givenchy present incandescent sportswear shapes.