23 February

Must-have of the week, the Iunx set of candles


All the house perfumed candles in one box set, ready to go.

By Laurence Hovart

  • The entire collection of the house’s perfumed candles in one box set, ready to jet-set.


    The talented perfumer Olivia Giacobetti’s very delicious brand has just launched a cardboard boxset of black glass pots containing the entirety of its perfumed candle line known for its own special sophistication. With fragrances such black tea (“Yunnan”), warm, damp straw (“Paille”) or larch wood (“Mélèze”)… Each one of these fireflies diffuses its evocative compositions for eight hours.

    Lucioles Collection, IUNX. 240 euros, box set of 21 perfumed candles. Also available as sets of 3 or 7 candles. IUNX Boutique, 13, rue de Tournon. Paris, 6th.


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