While Vanessa Beecroft has been mixing art and performance for several years (most notably in the fashion world for Prada, Tom Ford and Helmut Lang), the artist is back today with a raw sculptural experiment in Los Angeles. Celebrated in the context of an inaugural show at the Pio Pico Gallery, Vanessa Beecroft is showing brand new works: fragments of female bodies in clay, coloured ceramic heads and a vast wall sculpture, caught between hyper-realist representation and stylised silhouettes. From sculpture to drawings, Vanessa Beecroft endlessly reinterprets the female body, duplicating it and transforming it to abstraction. By using natural materials, she reveals a classical beauty, abandoning performance for vulnerable and unidentified bodies, the fruits of two years of work in Los Angeles and Guadalajara.


Vanessa Beecroft at the Pio Pico Gallery until March 2nd 2018, 3311 E. PICO BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CA 90023.