28 February

Artisanal Soaps


Special recipes of herbs, oils and barks crafted by Björk & Berries, Natura Siberica and Senteurs d’Orient.

By Laurence Hovart

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  • The luxury eco brand inspired by nature and Swedish culture has launched an exfoliating soap for the body made from 99% natural ingredients. Its recipe for soft skin includes willow bark, pumice stone, wild rose and vegetable oils (colza, coconut and sunflower). “Exfoliating Bath Soap”, Björk & Berries. 25 euros, 250g. On sale at the Bon Marché.
  • The collection based on Siberian herbs is now offering three artisanal soaps. Based on juniper oil (anti-irritations) and propolis (antiseptic and antibacterial), the yellow version is for oily skin prone to breakouts. Paired with larch tree extracts, the beeswax version with Siberian pine and sea buckthorn has protecting and nourishing values. As white as snow, the version that already exists capitalises on the virtues of alchemilla and cladonia to combat signs of aging and to soften the skin. “Natural Propolis Soap”, “Natural Pine Soap” and “Natural Snow Soap”, Natura Siberica. 7 euros, 100g. On sale at Monoprix.
  • Handmade in Lebanon, this set of soaps is bursting with the oriental scents of orange blossom and jasmine. The formula combines olive oil, shea butter, glycerine and essential oils. Casting Box Set, Senteurs d’Orient. 54 euros, 9 x 40 g.