23 March

Must-have of the week, Sisley's good day face blusher


Contained in a useful maxi stick, check out the new cream blush that transforms into powder.

By Laurence Hovart

  • Sisley has launched a new blusher with a creamy texture that turns into high quality powder on contact with the skin. Contained in the filmy wax, the pigments enhance the colour of the cheeks with four different nuances. You just have to multiply the number of applications to increase the intensity and go from a natural daytime look to an ultra-sophisticated evening allure. As well as the colour, the product also boasts the benefits of an anti-drying out formula based on camellia and shea oils.


    “Phyto-Blush Twist, petal, fuchsia, papaya and glow”, SISLEY. 48 euros.