Pedro Almodóvar hammered the point at the opening press conference:


“It is unimaginable for me to give a Palme d'Or to a film that won’t be seen on the big screen, in one way or another.”


A resounding silence fell over the room.


Will Smith – who’d already warmed the ambiance with his slightly forced jokes about being the token black American on the jury – hastened to make his own, not exactly spontaneous, heartfelt appeal, duly validated by his PR, where he declared his kids’ love of going to the movies was equal to their love of Netflix. No really, there are no conflicts of interest here. “I love life, I love Netflix!” Exclaimed the star of Bright, a science-fiction detective movie with a pharaonic budget of 90 million dollars set for release in December exclusively… on Netflix.


The following day the cast of Wonderstruck, produced by Amazon, hit the red carpet. Its director Todd Haynes confided that unlike Netflix, “at Amazon, the guys really do love cinema.” This is clearly set to be the fortnight’s theme…