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Léa Seydoux, as requested by Daniel Craig for the next James Bond


The French actress is only the second Bond girl ever to resume her role alongside 007 in the long running movie franchise.

There’s been an avalanche of good news recently for Léa Seydoux. Just as she’s been confirmed for thefabulous cast in the next Wes Anderson, the actress will also be slipping into the attire of Bond Girl once again for the next chapter in the spy saga set for release in 2020. Having already colluded with Agent 007, played by Daniel Craig, in the heart of the Austrian Alps in Spectre (2015), she'll be playing the charismatic psychologist Madeleine Swann at the request of the actor and seconded by the director Cary Fukunaga, who recently made waves with his remake of It and the Netflix mini-series Maniac.


Her French charm clearly made an impression, as the 33-year old actress is only the second, in 50 years of films, to resume her role alongside the British spy. The only other person who’s had this honour was English actress Eunice Gayson. She played the role of Sylvia Trench in the first ever Bond movie Dr. No (1962) and then reappeared the following year in From Russia with Love alongside Sean Connery. As for the rest of the cast, Ralph Fiennes (M), Ben Whushaw (Q), and Naomie Harris (Moneypenny, M’s secretary) will also be taking part in this next mission.