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Why Sydney Sweeney will be the perfect Barbarella in the remake of the cult film


A remake of the cult film Barbarella (1968) is in progress, and the mythical heroine will be played by the magnetic Sydney Sweeney, known for her role as Cassie in Euphoria (2019). She will wear the sexy costume once worn by Jane Fonda. A promising casting choice.

Trailer of “Barbarella” (1968) by Roger Vadim, with actress Jane Fonda

It is an unidentified cinematic object with a kitschy aesthetic. An unlikely collision between the universe of science fiction and the atmosphere of sexual liberation of the the late 1960s. Decades later, the cult film Barbarella (1968), directed by French filmmaker Roger Vadim, still fascinates. Although the special effects may seem outdated now, the charisma and sensuality of the heroine Barbarella, played by the gorgeous Jane Fonda, remain timeless. Proof of its timelessness, a remake of the film will be made, but the name of the director remains unknown for now.


What we know for sure is that Sydney Sweeney, one of the protagonists in Euphoria (2019), has been chosen by Sony Pictures Studios to embody the heroine on a space mission to save the world from the clutches of the terrible scientist Durand Durand. The actress will also serve as executive producer with her production company Fifty-Fifty Films. To announce the good news, the artist posted on her Instagram account a plate of the 1962 erotic comic book by Jean-Claude Forest that inspired the film. It shows the heroine wearing a space warrior armor with metal boots and raising a weapon in a cosmic atmosphere. Sydney Sweeney wrote “Time to save the universe” as a caption, thus confirming that she will indeed play the famous space fighter who lives in the year 40,000 on another planet.

Sydney Sweeney in “Euphoria” (2019)  © HBO Sydney Sweeney in “Euphoria” (2019)  © HBO
Sydney Sweeney in “Euphoria” (2019) © HBO

Sydney Sweeney, the new must-see actress


Despite her young age, the 25-year-old actress has already proven her talent in a rich array of roles in different series. In The Handmade’s Tale (2018), she is heartbreaking as Eden, a devoted young virgin married to Commander Nick and who, above all else, wants to fulfil her duty to bear children. Yet, it is her role as Cassie in Euphoria (2019) that revealed her to the world. She plays with a disturbing accuracy the role of the shy teenager with an irrepressible need to be loved, who is also a victim of slut-shaming in the first season, but who gradually emancipates herself by taking control of her sexuality and her body. Sydney Sweeney also stars alongside Dakota Johnson in the Spider-Man spin-off Madame Web, which will come out in 2024. Magnetic on screen, the baby-faced actress seems to be a perfect choice to follow in the footsteps of Jane Fonda and play the erotic Barbarella. The subversive character had already caused a scandal in the 1970s. In the mythical opening scene, the curves of the hypnotic and naked Jane Fonda were progressively revealed as she was floating in the cockpit of her weightless spaceship. An explosive sensuality that will leave a lasting impression.

“E.T” by Katie Perry ft. Kanye West (2011)

Barbarella, a cult reference


Beyond the numerous scenes that have become cult, such as the one where Jane Fonda finds herself trapped in the Orgasmotron, a machine that is supposed to kill the heroine by giving her orgasmic pleasure, the flamboyant costumes have forged the film’s reputation. The sensual armors, transparent bodysuits, and skin- tight chain mails were designed by Paco Rabanne. This series of futuristic looks, mini-skirts, and metallic boots, keeping up with the Space Age trend of the 1960s, greatly inspired the fashion sphere. Even today, designers draw their inspiration from the costumes of the film, such as this body with transparent moldings spotted in Loewe’s Spring-Summer 2023 collection, or the Space Age silhouettes designed by Nicolas Ghesquière for the Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2023 collection. Barbarella has also inspired pop culture, from Katy Perry dressing as the 1960s heroine in the video of E.T. (2011) to Ariana Grande modernizing the myth in the 2019 campaign for her beauty brand r.e.m. beauty. The 1980s pop band Duran Duran also pick their name after the film and titled one of the songs Electric Barbarella (1997). The remake of the feature is expected to be another hit, and perhaps reignite the Space Age trend on TikTok.