17 April

Object of the day: the “New Spring” constellation by Cos and Studio Swine


Just unveiled in Milan, the collaboration between the Swedish high street store Cos and the design duo Studio Swine takes shape as an interactive and luminescent installation.

Par La rédaction

  • This immersive and multi-sensorial experience is presented to us by Cos and the Studio Swine, made up of Japanese architect Azusa Murakami and British artist Alexander Groves. In a darkened room, a six-meter high sculpture made from recycled aluminium in the shape of a tree produces hazy spherical blooms from the tips of its branches. As they fall from the branches if they make contact with skin they burst and release a delicate mist but wear a special pair of gloves and these blossoms will sit in the palm of the hand. Inspired by Murano glass chandeliers and the public fountains in Italy, the New Spring installation imbues innovation with poetry.