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02 Yeezy collection in Paris

Kanye West presents a Yeezy collection in Paris


On March 2nd 2020, Kanye West will present Season 8 of his Yeezy label in Paris. A surprise event that’s likely to make a lot of noise.

After making a shock appearance at the KFC in Strasbourg-Saint-Denis in the 10tharrondissement of Paris, as well as the Jean Paul Gaultier showroom, and following a brief sojourn in London, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have announced, via an ultra-understated invitation, Yeezy's big comeback, which will present its 8th season on March 2nd 2020. The rapper, used to surprise happenings - we all remember his Sunday Service at Coachella, and the unannounced release of his album Jesus is Born on Christmas Day – has revealed nothing about this new Yeezy collection. 


The last time we heard anything from the label, launched in partnership with Adidas, was via Instagram and a series of photos of models – including Paris Hilton – made up as Kim Kardashian with long peroxided hair, in sportswear silhouettes jazzed up with heeled sock boots and an utterly Californian elegance. Before that, it was Vanessa Beecroft – known for her performances that put women and their bodies at the centre of attention – who was honoured with doing the Yeezy shows. As for the collection, they celebrate minimalist sportswear (occasionally tinted with a utility style), in neutral colours such as beige, greige, white, black, occasionally ochre, a Verdigris drawing on turquoise or a burgundy.

  • Kanye West presents a Yeezy collection in Paris Kanye West presents a Yeezy collection in Paris