16 January

Video : “Sortilèges ” fashion story by Alice Rosati


Discover the “Sortilèges” fashion story’s backstage directed by the photographer Alice Rosati with Jamilla Hoogenboom.

By Alice Rosati

  • Find the “Sortilèges” fashion story by Alice Rosati with Jamilla Hoogenboom.


    Art direction : Alice Rosati

    Stylism : Vanessa Metz with Clément Lomellini and Morgan Vangoethem. 
    Music : Alexis Bret
    Model : Jamilla Hoogenboom at Women Management.

    Hairdresser : Olivier Schawalder at Atomo Management. 
    Make-up : Min Kim for M.A.C Cosmetics at Airport Agency.

    Nails : Philippe Ovak at Marie-France Thavonekham. 
    Setting : Sylvain Cabouat. 
    Editing : Kore Studio 
    Production : Western Promises. 


    Thanks to Gallery S. Bensimon, Sabine Marcelis, Marlène Huissond, Stéphane Margolis, Pinar&Viola, Mumm Grand Cordon and Cire Trudon.