From the first performance shows orchestrated by Alexander McQueen to the beauty of the Chanel Haute couture runways of the 2000s, Alix Browne’s book looks back at the most innovative and creative runway shows of the last 20 years. Far from being an exhaustive list enumerating the designers and their collections, the author prefers to zoom in on the theatricality, the production challenges and the most emblematic of artistic motivations. It’s a reflection on the mise-en-scene of the clothing without failing to omit the purely fashion aspect of the runway show, through so many unpublished and often previously unseen photographs. Alix Browne offers us complete immersion in this fabulously flamboyant world. She explains in the introduction of the book that it was in 1995 at Alexander McQueen’s "Highland Rape" show where the models stabbed each other in unprecedented violence, ripping their tulle and tartans as if possessed by the devil, that she truly realised the power of such an event. 


Runway: The Spectacle of Fashion by Alix Browne now available, Rizzoli.