“This métiers d’art runway show, conceived as midway between haute couture and ready-to-wear, is a chance to create something completely new starting from zero. Karl Lagerfeld chooses the venue and the theme, but we have total freedom in terms of innovation. There is nothing in our archives that could express the city of Hamburg”, explains Hubert Barrère, artistic director of the house of Lesage.


Just like a fashion designer, Hubert Barrère and his studio considered what the city of Hamburg means to them, particularly in terms of the colours and the shapes: a port in the North of Europe. From midnight blue and black to grey and rust, but also the metallic aspect of the cranes that bring such a special architecture to life. After eight days, he presented the various original creations to Karl, retaining the sailor theme based around navy blue, black and traces of silver.


With an unrivalled precision and complexity, the Lesage embroideries, entirely crafted by hand, are unique in the world because they combine different techniques, capitalising on decades of experience from different cultures, as much Western as Middle Eastern and Asian.

Affixed on trousers, dresses, tops, jackets, sweaters, handbags, fingerless gloves and hats, in details, braids, all-over, they recall the details of the theme they’re treating with an extreme finesse: the drops of black organza whose beaded edges echo the water in the port at night.