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Alexander Wang dips into the Adidas archives for his fourth collaboration


For his fourth collection with Adidas, the American designer Alexander Wang is using old creations by the sportswear label that he has deconstructed and reassembled to create 18 new pieces and 5 pairs of shoes.


In an era when the question of ecology and recycling is increasingly present in the fashion industry, Alexander Wang is offering a fascinating game of deconstruction and reconstruction for his fourth collaboration with Adidas.


Thus, we have 18 new creations designed for both men and women alike, composed of pieces from their previous collaborations, the whole lot assembled with the help of pieces from the Adidas archives, such as the tops in fishnet. We also rediscover the patches and logos appliqued back to front or cut up, details from several different disciplines, combinations of unexpected fabrics and previously unseen mixes of striped motifs.


A collection that mixes eras, materials and styles, season 4 of the Alexander Wang and Adidas collaboration is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished and subversive since the beginning of their collaboration two years ago and certainly offers food for thought on the seasons in fashion as well as its ephemeral nature.



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