Discover the contents of December - January 2020’s Numéro :


A portrait of Emmanuelle Seigner, the actress starring in An Officer and a Spy directed by her husband Roman Polanski, an encounter with Djebril Zonga, the ex-footballer stealing the limelight in Les Misérables by Ladj Ly, an interview with Guillaume Henry, artistic director at the house of Patou, carte blanche given to the artist Takashi Murakami on show at Perrotin, Dior in front of Peter Lindberg’s camera in a beautiful new book, the secrets of the painter and sculptor Miquel Barceló, a close-up on the exhibition Cartier, Crystallization of Time in Tokyo, the fantastical (and futuristic) sculptures of Marguerite Humeau, an exclusive portfolio by photographer Maxime Passadore and fashion shoots by Sebastian Kim, Rory Payne, Cameron McCool, Sonia Szóstak and Camille Vivier.


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