The street wedding of Pigalle Paris


It wasn’t actually in Pigalle, but the upper Montmartre neighbourhood where Stephane Ashpool gathered his dearly beloved for his show last Thursday, a show that took shape as a wedding. An excited motley crew surged forward to be part of the event.

The calm of the Montmartre Museum garden, converted for the occasion, rippled with heightened curiosity: how was the man known as the Prince of Pigalle going to mix wedding and street culture? The music started and Pigalle Paris took to the runway complete with its typically cool and edgy street-cast guys that make the shows so rich. The models came out one after the other and posed around a gorgeous white floral arrangement depicting the Pigalle logo.


Mandarin and opal track suits, silver satin bomber jackets, tuxedo jackets and trench coats in cream tones heightened with pastel touches in candy pink, yellow and blue. It was all joyously street stylish. The spring-summer 2017 Pigalle Paris man is more romantic sportswear than ever as Ashpool delighted in revealing.


We loved the Lognon pleats of a trench coat, the Lemarié feather work on hats and those rose-shaped broaches crafted by Goosens, all of which elevate this collection to the ranks of semi-couture. Pigalle Paris won the ANDAM 2015 and boy does it show.


The climax of the show came with the entrance of Marissa Seraphin (Stephane Ashpool’s girlfriend) in a splendid matching skirt and top embroidered with flowers by the Lesage ateliers, led to the alter by the marvellous choreographer Larry Vickers where actor/artist Paul Hamy “married” the designer and his true love. This Pigalle Wedding was both sublime and moving. 




Par Léa Zetlaoui

Crédits photo : Zelinda Zanichelli