Three questions to… Stella McCartney


At her Fall-Winter 2016-2017 runway show, Stella McCartney focused on a feminine attitude that’s uninhibited and free. Numéro caught up with the British designer backstage to find out more.


Mixing sporty masculine styles with more classic pieces, this decidedly contemporary collection is echoed in the new fragrance launched by the house just a few days earlier. Baptised "Pop", the perfume, embodied by singer Grimes, celebrates the irreverence of the millennial generation. 

Numéro: Today you showed revised bomber and puffa jackets worn over very classic pleated skirts. For you does that embody a contemporary allure?

Stella McCartney: Totally, these more sporty or masculine pieces are part of our vocabulary today. They’re very present in all our wardrobes. I wanted to give them a new lease of life while mixing them up with other elements. Having an attitude is a contemporary state of mind too, letting yourself transgress the codes. Borrow your boyfriends puffa jacket, which is obviously going to be much too big, and wear it over a beautiful pleated dress. It’s with this sense of freedom that I imagined all my silhouettes.


You’ve just launched your new fragrance, the face of which is the pop singer Grimes. Who encouraged you to choose her?

I’m one of her biggest fans, and it’s essential to me that this perfume is embodied by girls that women can identify with. I want them to be able to provoke a curiosity, the desire to know more about their world, their paths, I want them to have something to say. Grimes is an anti-conformist artist, she speaks her mind. I love her. She has a very strong character, like the rest of the casting for this campaign. These girls are leaders, they don’t put up with any nonsense. And they cultivate an energy that’s always so positive.


Your commitment to the environment goes right up to this perfume that employs biomimicry to reduce the number of trees and flowers used in its production. Does this eco aspect mean something to Grimes as well, who’s also a committed vegetarian?

Yes. Grimes and I share the same convictions, we really connect with each other, and that’s why I’m so happy she agreed to work with me. The show you’ve seen today is another example of my commitment: we don’t use any animal skins, but plant leathers, and our puffa jackets don’t contain any goose down. Every collection is for me an occasion to show that cruelty to animal is absolutely unnecessary in the production of beautiful clothes. 




Interview by Delphine Roche.