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“Riders of the Knights”: a diamonds armor by Louis Vuitton


The Maison Louis Vuitton unveils a new high jewelry collection, “Riders of the Knights”, inspired by medieval female heroes, where jewels become armor and symbolize women’s strength. 

For its latest high jewelry collection entitled Riders of the Knights, Louis Vuitton found its inspiration in medieval heroines. These strong women had to make a place for themselves in a world of men in order to choose their destiny, like Joan of Arc. Whether they were warriors or queens, they left their mark on the history and collective imagination of the Middle Ages.


Among the highlights of the collection is the Le Royaume necklace: this soft and delicate diamond necklace becomes a gorget, a part of the armor protecting the neck. The central sapphire is enhanced by the diamonds that surround it. The sapphire, a royal stone, marks the role of protector of the kingdom and crown assumed by the warrior of the Middle Ages. Many smaller sapphires also decorate the necklace.


Sapphires, emeralds, aquamarines, spinels... can be found next to the diamonds in some pieces of the collection. In total, some fifty creations magnify the woman, elevating her to the rank of hero, thanks to the expertise of the Maison Louis Vuitton. Riders of the Knights will later be expanded with fifty more pieces, always inspired by the codes of chivalry, coats of arms and medieval architecture.