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24 Christine & the Queens as an S&M prostitute in her new video for “5 dollars”

Christine & the Queens as an S&M prostitute in her new video for “5 dollars”

After “Damn, dis-moi” and “Doesn't Matter (Voleur de soleil)”, Christine & the Queens, now known as Chris, is releasing a third single “5 dollars” with a video in which she plays a high-class S&M prostitute getting ready for work.

Christine & the Queens, “5 dollars”.


An acrobat on the roof tops of New York in Damn, dis moi then a dancer in a deserted car park in Doesn't Matter (Voleur de soleil), Christine & the Queens slips into the skin of an armada of characters. In her latest video for the track 5 dollars, the darling of French music is alone with the camera as an S&M prostitute, praising love that can be brought. Made once again by Colin Solal Cardo, the routine follows her getting ready, bouncing between her sensuality and her salient virility. Among the shots of her under the shower and in front of the mirror, we notice on the body of the person who now likes to be called Chris, scratch marks and bruises before she adorns herself with a leather harness she hides under a tailored suit – her trademark look. 


Having been recently accused of plagiarism in Damn, dis-moi (a case now clarified after she proved the royalty free samples came from the Apple Logic Pro program), Christine & the Queens, conveys an images of a strong and independent woman, in charge of her own life. Lust, abandonment and marginality… all themes that the singer portrays with delicacy sometimes in her atypical phrasing, sometimes in the language of Shakespeare. Unlike previous tunes, only the English version of 5 dollars is out, its French equivalent – titled 5 dols – will be on her new album Chris, set for release on September 21st.



Chris, Christine & the Queens, available on September 21st.