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04 Lady Gaga makes her big comeback as a super-heroine of love

Lady Gaga makes her big comeback as a super-heroine of love

Following a hiatus of four years since the release of her last album, Lady Gaga is back with “Stupid Love”, a new single that more likely promises an album for 2020. Reviving the extravagance the world knows her for, the American singer plunges us back into the catchy pop of her early days.

"Stupid Love" (2020) de Lady Gaga.

From the beginning of her new video for the track Stupid Love, unveiled on February 28th, Lady Gaga warns us: “The world rots in conflict. Many tribes battle for dominance. While the Spiritual ones pray and sleep for peace, the Kindness punks fight for CHROMATICA.” The pop queen is back and this time embodies a science-fiction heroine surrounded by an army of punks preaching love across the galaxy. Directed by Daniel Askill, known for his work with Sia on the videos for Chandelier and The Greatest, the video for Stupid Love, recreates a Star Trek ambiance inspired by Japanese productions such as Power Rangers, Sailor Moon and even draws on fighting video game vibe. With a choreography that’s as tight as clockwork, Lady Gaga, dressed head to toe in candy pink, is lost in the midst of a cosmic no-man’s-land where the mountains shimmer into the distance: baptised Chromatica, this fictitious planet heralds the singer’s new exploration ground.


This anticipated return to music comes after four years that have allowed Lady Gaga to shine in various other projects: a soundtrack and a lead role in Bradley Cooper's biopic fiction, A Star is Born (2018), which led to the singer winning an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA Award, but also the launch of her cosmetics line Haus Laboratories in 2019, focusing on inclusive beauty, in much the same vein as Rihanna's Fenty Beauty line. While her last studio album Joanne (2016) broke away from previous work by depicting a fragile and denuded Lady Gaga, singing about the illusion of love in introspective melodies with country sounds, the global superstar is starting the 2020s by plunging right back into her aesthetic of yesteryear: extravagant sets, explosive pop-electro and healed wounds. Indeed, while in Perfect Illusion – the first single from Joanne -, the American regretted “It wasn't love It was a perfect illusion”, now on Stupid Love we hear the lyrics: “Cause all I ever wanted was love / (...) I don't need a reason, Not sorry, I want your stupid love”. An ode to the candour of an emerging passion that augurs well for a more playful sixth album.