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16  “Reverie”, Arca’s new phantasmagorical music video

“Reverie”, Arca’s new phantasmagorical music video

The mutant electro genius Arca is back with a new video that resembles a strange dream featuring the artist as a half-mythological and half-contemporary creature.

Before the release of his third eponymous album on April 7th 2017, Arca has given us a new video for the track “Reverie”. In it he dances to a minimalist choreography perched on metal springs like a mythological creature ending up beneath a shower of petals. Directed by Jesse Kanda - responsible for numerous videos by the artist since he started out - the video fits perfectly into the experimental world of this prince of electro who’s previously collaborated with FKA Twigs, Björk and even Kanye West.


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