18 January

“Wyclef Jean” the Young Thug video that cost $100 000 to make where the rapper never even turned up


Expected on the set of his video for “Wyclef Jean” (with a $100,000 budget), from his latest mixtape “Jeffery”, Young Thug didn’t even get out of his car. And yet Ryan Staake still managed to make an absurd and hilarious video interspersed with commentary

By Léa Zetlaoui

  • Between performing drunk, getting arrested for drug possession and an unexpected name change, Young Thug has cultivated something of bad ass rep.

    With everyone waiting for him on the set of his video Wyclef Jean from his latest mixtape Jeffrey released last August, the Atlanta rapper never even turned up.

    Making use of the $100,000 budget and the 15 hours spent waiting for him, director Mike Staaz has released a comic video bordering on the absurd, interspersed with explanatory commentary.

    With Young Thug’s video now on YouTube, and busy racking up the views, we can’t help but admire the rapper’s sense of self-depreciation.