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Recreate the cover of Tyler, The Creator's new album with your own face


Following the June 25th release of his seventh album, Call Me If You Get Lost, rapper Tyler, The Creator is allowing fans to recreate the ID card on his album cover with their own face.

Cover de l'album “Call me if you get lost” de Tyler, the Creator

Two years after his last album IgorTyler, The Creator made his comeback on June 25th with a brand new project entitled Call me if you get lost. A few days ago, he unveiled several teasers as well as the track Lumberjack, all of which featured the phrase "Call me if you get lost" with a phone number that, when called, links to a conversation between the artist and his mother. The album has a total of sixteen tracks, including featurings by rappers Lil Wayne and Lil Uzi Vert and the singer Pharrell Williams.



For the release of this new project, Tyler, The Creator has also published a load of exclusives on his website, including a collection of pastel-coloured t-shirts featuring the cover, but also the possibility to recreate your own identity card like his. The idea is simple: you just have to go to his dedicated website, click on the empty card, and fill it in with your photo and personal information. A smart idea, and no surprise coming from Tyler, The Creator, known for creating ever more intelligent communication campaigns.



Recreate the cover of Tyler, The Creator's album with your own face on his website.