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04 Miley Cyrus, wild feminist in “Mother’s Daughter”

Miley Cyrus, wild feminist in “Mother’s Daughter”


White, African-American, wheelchair-bound, transgender, overweight... a wide variety of women are represented in “Mother's Daughter”, Miley Cyrus’ new feminist music video, along with activist slogans and images. 

Miley Cyrus - Mother's Daughter (Official Video)

Miley Cyrus is proudly feminist and committed to the rights of the LGBT+ community (which she is a member of). In the music video for Mother's Daughter, she celebrates the diversity of women’s bodies, from white cis-gender women like her mother to transgender African-American women in wheelchairs or overweight women. Dental appliances, tattoos or plastic surgery do not take away from the femininity of the artists featured in the video. Proud, the little black girl dressed as a superhero and the mother breastfeeding her baby do not hesitate to look right into the camera.


For Mother’s Daughter, Miley Cyrus uses feminist symbols and slogans. She stages women, shirtless, with messages painted on the body (“I am free” or “I am free”) in the image of the actions of the FEMEN association. She also pays tribute to the feminist musical movement of the Riot grrrls of the 1990s, Bikini Kill’s punk rock. She advocates the freedom to be proud of one’s body and to dispose of it as one wishes. “Don't fuck with my freedom” she sings in a red latex suit before lasciviously touching a model nammed Vendela. While many politicians in the United States are trying to pass laws to restrict abortion rights, Miley Cyrus scatters feminist messages in her video such as “my body, my rules”, the chorus of the fight for abortion rights, or “not an object”.