02 October

Exclusive: Johnny Depp by Jean-Baptiste Mondino on the front cover of Numéro Homme


Johnny Depp, Calvin Klein, Roman Polanski, Thomas Ruff, Ian Schrager, Thierry Mugler... Discover the contents of the Numéro Homme Nuits.

By Philip Utz

  • Direction : Samantha McMillen. Hairstyle : Gloria Casny at Leslie Alyson. Make-up : Ken Niederbaumer pour DIOR. Production : Iconoclast Image.


    “Even at 5 in the morning, when the Ruinart is finished and the conversation is going round in circles, it’s always been hard for me to throw my guests out. Whether it’s in a bed or the padded intimacy of the smoker’s corner in a disco, the best side to a man always comes out at night. Especially if it’s after a full day’s work. Work hard, play hard: Calvin Klein adhered to this regime for the 30 years it took him to build an empire with unshakable foundations. In these pages, the designer gives himself fully in an exclusive interview. Back in the day, the legendary Studio 54, where he regularly hung out, was a breeding ground for talent from all walks of life. Journalist Éric Dahan looks back at that golden age of New York nights with one of its founders, Ian Schrager. In Paris and London, film director Roman Polanski featured prominently among the night owls of that great era: he tells us with an astonishing sincerity how dreams and nightmares have shaped his oeuvre. Johnny Depp, on the other hand, lends his shadowy charisma to our front cover and reveals his absolute commitment to the dark, tormented movie directors like Tim Burton and Jim Jarmusch. No need to be a Hollywood actor to explore one’s limits. You just need to have faith in the night, and rather than waste a third of your life sleeping, dare to stay up beyond 5am.” 


    In the contents of Numéro Homme Nuits:

    The smouldering Hollywood actor Johnny Depp photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, an encounter with Ian Schrager, billionaire, night owl and co-founder of the legendary Studio 54, a look at the king of New York nights Calvin Klein, artist Thomas Ruff looks back at his astonishing and fascinatingly cosmic images, an interview with Roman Polanski, one of the most polemic directors of his generation, from the madness of the 1980s to now, Manfred Thierry Mugler tells his story, plus fashion shoots by Nathaniel Goldberg, Pierre-Ange Carlotti, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Alex Antitch, Nagib Chtaib and Nadine Ijewere. 


    Discover the Numéro Homme Nuits, available on news-stands and the iPad from October 2nd 2017.