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23 Meghan Markle: structural racism and toxic royalty

Meghan Markle: structural racism and toxic royalty


From the moment they got married in 2018, the union between actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had the world’s press in a complete tizzy. With the launch of a new series of provocative documentaries, the Vice TV channel looks at the “structural racism and toxic royalty” in a first shock episode entitled “Meghan Markle - Escaping the Crown”. Release scheduled for Monday, March 30th.

Meghan Markle Escaping The Crown (Trailer) | VICE VERSA


May 19th 2018 was the beginning of what they thought would be their own fairy tale. On a sunny day, the Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and the actress Meghan Markle walked down the steps of Saint George’s Chapel in Windsor, England. Their wedding was scrutinised by thousands and their union was sure to be the talk of the town, after all, Meghan Markle was the first mixed-race person to ever marry into the British royal family… provoking a torrent of reactions the moment they got engaged. 


The way she has been treated by the media and the public is devastating. Is one of the opening sentences in the episode,  Meghan Markle - Escapting the Crown, a Vice TV documentary with a release set for Monday March 30th at 9.10pm. Through rigorous investigation, the film spends an hour looking back at all the deciding factors leading to the couple's move to quit the royal family all together, and de facto, their status as prince and princess.


The reason people don’t like Meghan Markle is because she’s a bit black.”


Through a series of exclusive interviews with people close to the crown, such as William and Harry’s former butler, as well as royal correspondents, Meghan Markle - Escaping the Crown takes us deep into the toxic culture of the tabloids, while highlighting the apparently racist attitude of British society: “The reason people don’t like Meghan Markle is because she’s a bit black.” A simple comparison between the media treatment of Kate Middleton’s marriage to Prince William, and that of Meghan Markle with the younger brother, reveals “the defamation” faced by the first mixed race princess of the United Kingdom. 


Meghan Markle - Escaping the Crown is the first documentary in the Vice Versa series, which looks set to be immersive and provocative. The chosen subjects all highlight the structures of corrupt powers. The executive vice-president and general director of Vice TV, Morgan Hertzan says: "Our new iconic documentary series will uncover compelling tales that will shake up the status quo with a new reading of major social events." Between "structural racism and toxic royalty", the first episode is already set to be deliciously subversive.


Meghan Markle - Escaping the Crown, March 31st at 9.10pm on Vice TV.