TV series no longer have anything to envy the film world about. As reigning queen of the small screen now beset by Netflix and Amazon Prime, HBO isn’t ready to abandon its throne. A trailer has revealed the first images from the third season of True Detective, an anthology series devised by American scriptwriter Nic Pizzolatto who’s also taking charge of the direction for the first time, alongside film maker Jeremy Saulnier (Greenroom). With this nugget of True Detective hinting at what’s to come, fans of dark thrillers and macabre investigations look like they’re in for a treat. 


The strength of the project lies with the famous actors, sumptuous direction and a seriously upscale script. And for this new season, expected to start in January 2019, HBO have called upon Mahershala Ali, winner of the Oscar for Best Actor for his supporting role in Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight. He’s playing Wayne Hays, an investigator struggling with a sordid kidnaping case that seems to haunt him for years. We’ll also have the pleasure of Stephen Dorff (Somewhere) and Carmen Ejogo (Selma) accompanying him. Mahershala Ali throws himself into the world of True Detective, a dark thriller whose first season of 2014, reached an unexpectedly wide audience causing a poisonous and gripping addiction.