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Balenciaga distorts its ad campaigns for Numéro art


When Numéro art invited them to involve in an original project, Balenciaga asked its chief creative officer Martina Tiefenthaler, close friend of the house's creative director Demna. In the pages of the issue, she unveils “REWRITTEN by Martina Tiefenthaler”, a project following the house's many creative initiatives combining perfect mastery of fashion and sarcastic commentary on the “society of the spectacle” that comes with it.

Photographe et mannequin : Martina Tiefenthaler.
Photographe : Robert Yager. Mannequins : Christopher @tomorrow is another day - - Oliwia - Ursula - Eliza @tomorrow is another day - Takato
Photographe : Robbie Augspurger. Mannequin : Norman @ tomorrow is another day
Photographe : Robert Yager. Mannequin : Oliwia
Photographe : Daniel Roché. Mannequin : Allison
Photographe : Chris Maggio. Mannequin : Zhuo
Photographe : John Miller.
Photographe et mannequin : Gedeon.
Photographe : Harley Weir. Mannequin : Eliza @tomorrow is another day
Photographe : Catherine Opie. Mannequin : Jenny.
Photographe : Patrick Weldé. Mannequin : Mona
Photographe : Best Image Agency. Mannequin : Eliza @ tomorrow is another day
Photographe : Best Image Agency. Mannequin : Alek Wek