The back story to artist Puppies Puppies has long been a secret. To start with it was just a Facebook account where portraits of puppies proliferated and his name was linked to a series of living sculptures. Puppies Puppies embodies a variety of famous characters: Golem perched on a rock at a show in New York, a lascivious version of SpongeBob in Mexico and a Voldemort sleeping in a hacienda in LA. As art critic and one of his most ardent supporters Charles Teyssou says, “From Pixar to BuzzFeed via the squishy lookalikes from blockbusters that punctuate Hollywood Boulevard, Puppies Puppies is a delirious off-shoot of American entertainment, the hybrid product of a Marcel Duchamp readymade meets a Disney store.”


He will be at the 2017 Biennale held at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York with a performance entitled Liberty between March 18th and April 15th.


See Puppies Puppies in our selection from the FIAC 2017.


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