In October 2017, a scandal broke out on the other side of the Atlantic. The American producer and head of Miramax was accused by 93 actresses, models, journalists, producers and assistants of sexual harassment and assault. With Rose McGowan at the helm, the #MeToo movement spontaneously emerged across the western world encouraging women to speak out against their assailants. While Harvey Weinstein has yet to be judged by the American courts, a chilling documentary looks back at the behaviour of a man who reigned with terror from his powerful position in Hollywood.



Loosening tongues



Between exclusive testimonies and archived images, the Untouchable documentary about Harvey Weinstein promises to lift the lid on the notoriously abusive system that the producer had in place during his 30-year reign over American movies. In the trailer, we discover an ambivalent character: a true cinephile, as talented as he was perverse, a talent-spotter, long adulated and thanked by Hollywood. We’re just waiting to discover the true face of a monster to try and understand how he managed to keep the seventh art within his vice-like grip. 


Untouchable, by Ursula Macfarlane, in theatres from August 14th.