In a similar vein to his Liquid Marble series, French designer Mathieu Lehanneur is exhibiting a surreal vision of the oceans undulations in marble sculptures. Frozen in time, this complex movement is transformed in the Ocean Memories collection, accumulating waves and curves in three dimensions. Blocks of marble and polished bronze follow one another to reveal impossible pieces that reflect distorted bursts of light.

Mathieu Lehanneur’s works are exceptionally fine, an incredible transcription of natural energy caught as a stunned and motionless object. “The transition from solid to liquid is just the magic of physics. A moment of change from static to dynamic, a passage from inert to living,” the artist explains. Easily recognisable, the designer's works combine the natural elements of water, air, sound and light as his principle materials.


Mathieu Lehanneur, Ocean Memories, on until October 27th, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, New York