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07 Cher Ugg Campaign Interview

11 questions to pop legend Cher, now new face of Ugg


No need to introduce the icon Cher anymore. The 75-year-old American who made her musical debuts next to her former husband Sonny Bono in the ’60s can now pride herself in a flourishing career: over more than forty albums, appearances in about twenty movies and TV shows, memorable tours, but also the direction of a documentary. As a great fashion aficionada, the pop star known for her glittering and extravagant outfits is now the face of the footwear brand Ugg in a campaign dedicated to its timeless styles. On that occasion, the artist discloses to Numéro her life behind the scenes back home in California, her commitment to animal welfare, her upcoming album, and the first biopic about her career still in progress.

The pop star Cher for Ugg The pop star Cher for Ugg
The pop star Cher for Ugg

Numéro : How do you relate to UGG’s shoes, history and identity as a whole?
Cher : I’ve known Uggs for years and they’re something you can just slip your foot into and feel comfortable.. And I buy them for my 95 year old mom who loves them.


How did you feel when UGG asked you to be the face of their FEEL___ campaign?
I appreciated the opportunity to show another side of me at home, doing things I love, like watching movies. 


What is your ideal “day at home“ outfit?

Pretty much sweats or jeans, hanging out with friends, working out, vocal lessons and working on Free The Wild [the artist's charity organization focused on animal safety]. Not that different from most people. I try not to wear beaded dresses at home.



Lockdown and the pandemic have led a lot of us to enjoy our home more, and spend more time there. You said in a recent interview that you “worked your whole life to keep your strength in my body.” What is your workout routine to keep your body in shape?

I have various work outs, weights, yoga, power plate, dancing, walking on the beach, hiking and I still love my CherFitness exercise DVD, abs, step, dance, etc.


Do you also have favorite music and tracks to go with this routine, at the moment?

It  takes concentration so I don’t always play music. Dancing has its own music and we do Zumba and, believe it or not, my old step and dance tapes are still really good ! It’s interesting that in some ways over the years, I realize nothing changes. Your body responds to the same things.

The pop star Cher for Ugg

The pop star Cher for Ugg

The pop star Cher for Ugg

The pop star Cher for Ugg

Several months ago, you mentioned Universal was preparing a film on your life, written by your friend Eric Roth. How is it to dive back into such a dense life and career, and making it fit into a movie?

It’s very difficult. I’ve lived too long and done too much.There’s so much to cover… Fortunately, Eric and I have been friends for years and I love working with him. He’s an amazing writer (Forest Gump, A Star Is Born). 


Last year, you campaigned for Joe Biden’s presidency and just before he was elected as the president of the US, you recorded a cover of the song “Happiness Is Just a Thing Called Joe”. Where did this idea come from?

I just saw and heard the song when I was watching the movie Cabin in the Sky and thought it was beautiful. I had the idea in my mind for a long time, then finally there was the right opportunity to do it. So I did.



“I'm no different from most people. I try not to wear beaded dresses at home.”



In 2021, you released a documentary about Kaavan, a captive elephant in Pakistan that you helped to free and then to slowly release in Cambodia’s nature. Have you got news from his situation, and maybe the zoo since?

Kaavan is in a sanctuary that I helped build in Cambodia and is healthy, happy and free! Free the Wild is now starting work on a on sanctuary in Bali.. We started five years ago with only four people. I co-founded it with Marc Cowne (Bob Geldorf’s manager) and his wife Gina and Jen my assistant. Free the Wild has been hard at work on many other projects and initiatives, including getting medical treatments for animals in zoos from Ukraine and other countries. We have used trained dogs who can sniff out exotic animals that are illegally transported out of the wild and return them and so much more. We are actively involved in legal procedures in many countries. We just obtained a high court order to allow independent medical assessment for several animals in the Karachi Zoo. We have given medical treatment to 8 lions and 1 tiger. They are in safe hands in the Ukraine now and will be flown to a Sanctuary in South Africa in Mid January. It is a wonderful opportunity for people all over the world to get involved in making the world a better place.. I hope people check out our www.freethewild.org site and consider donating.

Cher - GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! (A Man After Midnight) [Official HD Audio]

Your latest release was a record of Abba covers. You said you considered making a volume 2. Is that still on your list?

I’m struggling with the next album because I believe I have done their best songs already! I also have some other ideas so I’m not sure which direction I’ll take for my next album.


Your latest tour ended in March 2020, prematurely, because of the pandemic. How are you feeling about going back on stage? Are you eager to reschedule this tour, or maybe a new one?

I want to go back on tour in the worst way. But no one knows how many more Covid-19 variants there could be...


During lockdown, you said on Twitter that you thought about staging a virtual show, but also said that you had too many songs to choose from. Are you still considering this?

It would almost be impossible to perform without an audience, they are an integral part of my show. It is hard because people want to hear their favorite songs and it’s a hard balance. There are songs like Walking in Memphis, which wasn’t a big hit when it came out.. But everytime I perform it, the audience knows it and loves it!

The pop star Cher for Ugg The pop star Cher for Ugg
The pop star Cher for Ugg