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With The House of Genius, Moncler redefines concept stores in Tokyo and New York


On October 4th, the Italian brand Moncler inaugurated two new addresses in New York and Tokyo. Part concept store, part gallery and part interactive space, this is the future of shopping.

After presenting its new Moncler Genius concept, which invited eight creatives to reinterpret the famous down jacket, Moncler has inaugurated two new exceptional concept stores that redefine the traditional boutique. A futuristic vision nourished by the new approach of the Italian label. “The world has changed so much,” affirms Remo Ruffino, CEO of Moncler. “Communication has been revolutionised. The consumer wants to see new things every day, they expect new ways and new languages for interacting with a brand. Moncler Genius represents the way a brand can project itself into the future. A future that starts today.”.  


The new House of Genius concept stores


On October 4th, Moncler opened two concept stores in the ultra-cosmopolitan cities of New York and Tokyo, a new kind of store that responds to the futuristic vision of the Italian label all while overhauling its boutiques. Through The House of Genius, Remo Ruffini is proposing stores that sit halfway between a retail space and an exhibition space offering complete immersion in the Moncler world. Here we find the 8 Moncler Genius collections shown as installations in a dialogue together, cultivating a coherence between the global project as well as the unique creations and the new-fangled products that diffuse the spirit of the house beyond a simple down jacket. Moncler is also proposing previously unseen activities in direct connection with the metropolis cities where the label is setting up shop. 


Exclusive collections, unique creations and original partnerships


While Moncler is currently showing the collection based around Francesco Ragazzi’s logo, also in the boutiques are creations by Pierpaolo Piccioli, Simone Rocha, Craig Green, Kei Ninomiya and Hiroshi Fujiwara. And Moncler isn’t stopping with a mere eight collections. At the House of Genius, there are also limited edition objects developed by the eight designers through exciting new partnerships: a vinyl record by the French Oscar-winning composer Alexandre Desplat for Pierpaolo Picicoli, vintage patchwork quilts for Moncler 1952, boots and jewellery by Simone Rocha, colourful ski helmets by Moncler Grenoble, Craig Green shoes made with the British factory Genson, a snowboard and book by Hiroshi Fujiwara in collaboration with Burton, not to mention a skateboard, bag and anti-pollution mask conceived by Francesco Ragazzi for Palm Angels. There’s also a brand-new collection by Moncler called The Yellow, featuring an ensemble of objects in black and yellow hues as well as well as a line for animals imagined in collaboration with Poldo Dog Couture. 


The Moncler Genius project, Moncler’s new vision


In February 2018 in Milan, the director of Moncler, Remo Ruffini, invited Pierpaolo Piccioli, artistic director at Valentino, the designer Sandro Mandrino, Irish designer Simone Rocha, English designer Craig Green, as well as the Japanese designers Kei Ninomiya and Hiroshi Fujiwara to all reinterpret the down jacket with their own unique strengths and subtleties. The Italian label unveiled this extraordinary collection in 8 installations in tune with each designer’s identity: haute couture for Pierpaolo Piccioli, pop for Moncler 1952, mountaineer style for Moncler Grenoble, Victorian elegance for Moncler by Simone Rocha, abstraction with Craig Greenartisanal savoir-faire for Kei Ninomiyastreet style with Hiroshi Fujiwara, and stamped with logos for Palm Angels. The humble down jacket will never be the same again... 

The House of Genius in New York, Moncler’s new concept store. An installation of collection 8 - Moncler Palm Angels.
The House of Genius in New York, Moncler’s new concept store. An installation of collection 5 - Moncler Craig Green.
The House of Genius in Tokyo, Moncler’s new concept store. Back left 6- Moncler Noir Kei Ninomiya, back right 2- Moncler 1952, front right 5- Moncler Craig Green

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