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02 Rosalía, Despechá, Single

Rosalía unveils a new hedonistic summer hit


Rosalía has just released her new single Despechá, a Latin-sounding hit that the Spanish star has already been singing on her world tour in her home country. Designed for the dancefloor, it evokes a burning desire for freedom, oblivion, and extravagance.


Rosalía’s last album Motomami portrayed a badass, adventurous, and tormented personality. On her new single Despechá [“broken heart”], she appears as a completely different woman – a much more carefree and playful one. Included in her Spanish tour, this Latin-sounding hit inspired by merengue and mambo music is already a success on TikTok and Shazam, even before its official release.


The artist talks about her desire to party with a Piña colada, to wear a sexy outfit, and hang out with friends to forget about a boy who hurt her feelings. It is all about tanning, independence, freedom, extravagance, dancing, and acting without fearing the consequences. For this rhythmic, sunny, and hedonistic single, the singer of Saoko drew her inspiration from Dominican Republic music pioneers, such as accordionist Fefita La Grande, songwriter Juan Luis Guerra, or the singer Omega. “Without them, this song would not exist,” she gratefully admits in a press release.


Despechá (2022) by Rosalía, available on every streaming platform.