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10 Sandman Kleo Devil in Ohio Netflix

The Sandman, Devil in Ohio, Kleo... 3 good shows to watch on Netflix


While the two brand-new blockbuster series The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power and House of the Dragon are available on two competing streaming platforms, Netflix remains in the shadows this fall season. However, three good shows stand out – the gothic The Sandman, the mysterious Devil in Ohio and the captivating Kleo, approved by an enthusiastic Stephen King on Twitter. 

The trailer of “The Sandman” on Netflix.

1. “The Sandman” (2022), the gothic gem by Neil Gaiman and Allan Heinberg 


Lovers of the fantastic graphic novels by British author Neil Gaiman can sigh in peace. The adaptation of the gothic universe of the cult comics into a series is by far aesthetically pleasing and well-led. It features Dream, one of the seven Endless, impeccably played by actor Tom Sturridge (Mary Shelley and Irma Vep), who is searching for the mystical items that would allow him to consolidate his power, after his long imprisonment in a mansion. In his quest, which leads him to the Waking World (our world), he faces frightening creatures such as Lucifer, played by the charismatic Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones’ moving Brienne of Tarth). Borrowing from Greek mythology and featuring dense metaphysical questioning – including a magnificent episode focused on the character of Death –, The Sandman holds the spectator breathless throughout this splendid and oneiric first season. 


The Sandman (2022) by Neil Gaiman and Allan Heinberg, available on Netflix. 

The trailer of “Devil in Ohio” on Netflix.

2. The mysterious “Devil in Ohio” (2022) by Daria Polatin 


Five years after the finale of the series Bones (2005-2017), American actress Emily Deschanel finally lands another leading role in a major project. In the new Netflix show Devil in Ohio, Zooey Deschanel’s charismatic sister plays the role of Suzanne Mathis, a psychiatrist who is very devoted to her patients. The series topped the list of the most viewed shows last week on the platform. The doctor takes in Mae, a mysterious fugitive she met at work in the hospital. Traumatized and injured, Mae has escaped from the clutches of a terrifying fictional cult. The intense and complex relationship between the women is at the heart of this thriller, whose atmosphere is sometimes reminiscent of Carrie (1976), although it does not achieve the same visual perfection and hypnotic power as Brian De Palma’s masterpiece. 


Devil in Ohio (2022) by Daria Polatin, available on Netflix. 

The trailer of “Kleo” on Netflix

3. The pop and bloody “Kleo” (2022) by Hanno Hackfort, Richard Kropf, and Bob Konrad 


Among a badass spy thirsty for revenge, saturated pop colors, gallons of hemoglobin, and wild humor... Kleo echoes Quentin Tarantino’s films right away. Except that we are far from Hollywood here, since the show takes place in Germany during the fall of the Berlin Wall. Kleo takes us into the ultra-violent world of an elite East German spy, freshly out of prison and eager to deal with some of the Stasi members who put her there. With its fast pace, its intrepid and engaging heroine scarred by family drama, and its captivating synth music, Kleo was acclaimed by an impressed Stephen King on Twitter. The series stands out as a retro and kitschy, like Germanic version of the excellent Killing Eve (2018-2022). 


Kleo (2022) by Hanno Hackfort, Richard Kropf, and Bob Konrad, available on Netflix.