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22 Marilyn Manson and Sharon Stone join the follow up series to “The Young Pope”

Marilyn Manson and Sharon Stone join the follow up series to “The Young Pope”


The singer Marilyn Manson and the actress Sharon Stone join “The New Pope”, a series by Paolo Sorrentino, hot on the heels of “The Young Pope” of 2016 starring Jude Law in the title role.

<p>Marilyn Manson © HBO</p>

Marilyn Manson © HBO

<p>Sharon Stone and John Malkovich © HBO</p>

Sharon Stone and John Malkovich © HBO

Black clothes and nail varnish, dark make-up, tattoos and chunky metal rings in the midst of the Vatican. Marilyn Manson remains faithful to himself in the first image of his role (kept secret) in The New Pope, following the series The Young Pope. The industrial metal singer, multi-talented artist and honorary pastor of the Church of Satan, has drawn on religious and satanic imagery throughout his career. Made famous with the Antichrist Superstar album in 1996, Marilyn Manson never hesitates to slip into a papal costume for his music videos, as in Disposable Teens of 2000.


In addition to Marilyn Manson, Sharon Stone joins the series in yet another mysterious role. John Malkovich is also on the cast list and reaches the highest function of the church in this much anticipated season set for release in 2019, while Jude Law, Silvio Orlando, Cécile de France and Ludivine Sagnier all resume their roles.  A mini-series first broadcast in 2016, The Young Pope recounts the rise of Pius XVIII, the first Italo-American Pope, played by Jude Law. Written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino (an Oscar winner for his film The Great Beauty in 2014), it seems to have conquered both audiences and critics alike.