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18 Gucci announces Maurizio Cattelan for its latest “art wall”

Gucci announces Maurizio Cattelan for its latest “art wall”


In parallel to the new exhibition at the Yuz Museum in Shanghai, The Artist is present, curated by Maurizio Cattelan, Gucci unveils its new art wall and promotes the event.

Gucci’s Art Wall in New York. Gucci’s Art Wall in New York.
Gucci’s Art Wall in New York.


From Aguilar street (Hong Kong), the Largo la Foppa (Milan), Lafayette Street (Manhattan), Brick Lane (London)… Gucci is installing its majestic art walls in the biggest capitals around the world. And the Jingan neighbourhood in Shanghai is getting ready to welcome the next one. On these monumental painted murals, we see the face of Marina Abramović, whose iconic performance at MoMA in 2010 is the starting point of the upcoming show at the Yuz Museum in Shanghai. And the curator of The Artist is Present exhibition is none other than the extravagant Maurizio Cattelan…


While Marina Abramović isn’t directly involved with the project, the use of her advertising campaign echoes Maurizio Cattelan’s new show, which is all about the notion of copying and the “blaspheming against God” and the “significant recognition of his existence” in the words of the Italian artist. Famous for his irreverence and his extravagance, Maurizio Cattelan makes repetitive art and cultural appropriation the key words of this show. Thus, The artist is present reunites some thirty international artists including Philippe ParrenoOscar TuazonDanh Vo, Yan Pei-Ming, Damon Zucconi , Christopher Williams, Ma Jun, Aleksandra Mir… Each one questioning originality, intention as well as artistic expression. 



The artist is present, from October 11th to December 16th at the Yuz Museum, Shanghai.