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Who exactly is Guccighost, this artist invited by Alessandro Michele to collaborate with Gucci?


Discover the story behind the artistic collaboration between Gucci and artist Trevor ‘Trouble’ Andrew, who has already seduced Beyoncé.

  • Trevor ‘Trouble’ Andrew a.k.a Guccighost.

    Trevor ‘Trouble’ Andrew a.k.a Guccighost. Trevor ‘Trouble’ Andrew a.k.a Guccighost.
  • La collection Gucci x Gucci Ghost

    La collection Gucci x Gucci Ghost La collection Gucci x Gucci Ghost
  • La collection Gucci x Gucci Ghost

    La collection Gucci x Gucci Ghost La collection Gucci x Gucci Ghost


Trevor ‘Trouble’ Andrew, former Olympic snowboarder, admits a passion for Gucci that borders on the obsessive. It all started when he fell in love with a watch at the prestigious house, which he bought with his first pay cheque. On the night of Halloween 2013, when time was short, he made a costume out of his Gucci sheets, earning the now famous nickname “Guccighost”.


Equipped with spray cans and Poscan pens, Guccighost got into graffiti and started tagging the streets of New York with his very personal vision of the Gucci world, all while keeping followers up to date on Instagram. In this ghostly guise dressed head to toe in the brand’s logo, his fame spread and finally Alessandro Michele, the new artistic director at Gucci invited him in to collaborate. Newly arrived at Gucci in 2015, he had already revived and rejuvenated the brand’s image by swapping over-sexy Italian jet-set for no gender contemporary style — notably with the numerous collaborations with Instagram artists, including photographers (Glen Luchford and Petra Collins), film-makers (Matt Lambert) and models (Hari Nef). 


An so Trevor Andrew, invited to Milan, kingdom of haute couture, worked on a new collection inspired by street art, where the t-shirts are scrawled with tags and the famous loafers have a sprinkling of multi-coloured stars. Rebellious, young, naïve and even revolutionary, these outstanding pieces have had the likes of Beyoncé in raptures. During her Formation Tour, the star wore a scarlet fur coat customised with Trevor ‘Trouble’ Andrew’s motifs. Watch this space…