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04 Arca: her incredible music video “Nonbinary” released

Arca: her incredible music video “Nonbinary” released

“I do what I wanna do when I wanna do it Bitch/I got the bags to prove it/Hips to move it around and make shapes […] I don’t give a fuck what you think You don’t know me You might owe me…” After unveiling “@@@@@”, a 62-minutes long hellish and worrisome symphony, the music producer Arca reveals her new track “Nonbinary” – first excerpt from her next LP “KiCK i” – along with a sumptuous and incredible music video directed by Frederik Heyman. If Arca revamped the genre of “musique concrete” with “@@@@@” as a thick and hermetic broadcast from some pirate radio station, Kanye West’s and Björk’s collaborator presents here a more direct discourse, displaying myriad autonomous states that compose her character. 

Arca – “Nonbinary”