"We who hate oppression/ Must fight against the oppressors/ Power is not shared / Power is taken": once again, Moby hits hard with a new dark electro single, denouncing the tyrannical take-over. After notably taking part in the 2004 anti-Bush campaign and expressing his disgust at the candidates for the 2016 American presidential election, the New York artist reaffirms his political position and personal commitment in this track featuring the voice of DH Peligro, an American drummer from the group Dead Kennedys. The video includes archival footage of protests cut with morbid animation, filmed in black and white tinged with red revealing glimpses of monsters, skulls and what appears to be a caricature of Donald Trump.


In parallel to this new single, Moby has also announced his plans to release a new album, All Visible Objects, on March 6th. If together these upcoming tracks adopt the same vibe as “Power is Taken”, the album promises to be more electric than ever, echoing current societal and environmental issues.