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28 Christine and the Queens

Christine and the Queens celebrates the 80s in their new single


Two years after their short album La vita nuova, and numerous collaborations with Caroline Polachek, Charli XCX, or 070 Shake among others, Christine and the Queens – aka Redcar – is back with a new single and a new identity that bring us back to the synth hysteria of the 1980s.

Will we ever be done with the 80s revival? Musically brought back to life by Fishbach, Dua Lipa, and The Weeknd, this era is at the core of Christine and the Queens’ effective yet poetic new single Je te vois enfin [I Finally See You]. This synthetic melody, carried by mysterious lyrics – “She was waiting for me by the stream to talk / Something else dies in their souls at once / They have tears and rose petals” – is reminiscent of the productions made by the German synth-punk band D.A.F., by Depeche Mode, and by the new wave duo Soft Cell. As for the oddness of the lyrics... think of Mylène Farmer.


Mixed by the famous American producer Mike Dean, who has worked with Kanye West, Lana Del Rey, and Jay-Z, and with a cover designed by Pierre-Ange Carlotti, the single makes way for a new era for Christine and the Queens. Two years after their latest album La vita nuova, and some collaborations with Indochine, Charli XCX, Caroline Polachek and 070 Shake, Chris introduces themselves with a new (male) identity known as “Redcar”. Obsessed with the 1980s, wearing an oversized suit with a red glove, the latter reminds us of both Michael Jackson and late French singer Christophe – Christine and the Queens covered one of his songs Les paradis perdus in 2014. A nice way to come full circle.


Je te vois enfin (2022) by Christine and the Queens/Redcar, available on every streaming platform.